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Mental Illnesses, Care Home, Rehabilitation, Bethnal Green, London - Approach Lodge
Approach Lodge

Approach Lodge is an innovative 7 bedroom rehabilitation home specialising in preparing adults with severe and enduring mental illness for independent living.

We are passionate about developing the independence of our service users in every aspect of their life to enable them to reach their potential and live as independently as possible through our personalised “My L.I.F.E” 6 steps programme.

Our main objectives and goals are seen in our vision, mission and points of culture. We use the formula BE x DO = HAVE.

What we want to “HAVE” is our Vision:


“To Be Recognised As The Leading Rehabilitation Provider For Preparing Adults Recovering From Mental Health Problems To Have A Sustainable, Independent Life”

So we want to be the best. Now to have this, what we “DO” will get us there. This is our Mission:

Mission statement:

To Create A Service Model Designed To Prepare Adults Recovering From Mental Health Problems For Independent Living That is:

  • Innovative
  • Sustainable
  • Personalised

Yet crucially, who we are and what we will “BE” will determine whether we will be the best or not. This is our Points of culture:

Our Points Of Culture are based on:

"Being Courteous, Promoting Independence and Developing Trust"


Continuous Improvement










The points of culture are absolutely crucial to being the best. It is similar to a “code of conduct” or “rules of the game” however you will notice that simple courtesy, politeness and respect are crucial.

Approach Lodge
Approach Lodge