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The duration of the Rehabilitation Programme ranges from six months to two years, working in collaboration with local community based services (i.e. Job Centres, Colleges) and Health Care Professionals.

Potential service users will be assessed by the Manager who will then develop care plans from all the information gathered from the referral, Psychiatric reports and during the assessment.

Care plans will contain long and short- term goals and will be reviewed on a monthly basis to assess the changing needs of the service user. At the end of every six months a review will take place to identify whether continued support of rehabilitation or more independent accommodation is required.

Our service users will also be encouraged to interact with each other within a homely, friendly environment. By being part of the Approach Lodge community, service users will begin to feel accepted, appreciated and understood.

Our service users will be actively encouraged to revise their daily diet to make improvements with shopping for food, cooking, food hygiene and safety. We believe it is important for our service users to understand healthy nutrition and its benefits to their mental well being.

Personal Hygiene
Service users will be encouraged and complimented on personal hygiene and self-respect. With our professional staff team assisting service users, they will learn the benefits of personal appearance and hygiene to their mental well being.

Staff will provide a safe, reliable and regular environment for administering all medication with the view to the service user being encouraged to be responsible for the administration of their own medication. During the rehabilitation programme service users will learn the importance and benefit of taking their medication regularly and the negative effects of not using this properly.

Many people who suffer with mental illnesses are subject to social isolation and it is our aim to ensure that our service users are provided with the opportunities to take control over their own lives to overcome the feelings of worthlessness and build on their confidence to become a valued member of the community.

The following activities are some of the options available to our service users:

  • Life Skills/ Coping Skills (ie. money management)
  • College
  • Education groups
  • Seeking employment or voluntary work
  • Attending support groups i.e. Mind, OCD UK, SANE
  • Attending day centres
  • Qualifying for a profession of their choice
  • Theatre, Cinema/ Concerts
  • Eating Out
  • Shopping
  • Swimming/Gym
  • Medical appointments i.e., dentist, chiropody
  • Having an activities co-ordinator for ‘Expressive Arts’
  • Encourage planning, shopping and preparing meals themselves

Approach Lodge
Approach Lodge